Should You Buy or Lease a Cargo Van For Your Business?

Should You Buy or Lease a Cargo Van For Your Business?

Should You Buy or Lease a Cargo Van For Your Business

The decision to hire, lease, or buy a van is frequently influenced by one factor: your financial situation. However, there may be other factors to consider, such as how long you intend to use the van and what you intend to do with it. The main distinction between buying and leasing is straightforward: if you buy a van, it is yours. Typically, you pay for the vehicle upfront and own the asset. If you lease, you will pay monthly and, depending on the finance model, you will most likely be required to return the van at the end of your contract.

Vans provide secure transit of goods, cooling systems, and weather protection, and having a quality van is often a priority for businesses. A van is an essential tool for any type of trade, from sole proprietorships to large national corporations. Buying or leasing a cargo van for your business depends on your budget.

Here are the key differences between buying or leasing a van to help you make a decision.

  • Buying: Buying a van outright with your own money is always the most cost-effective way to run a van in the long run. The disadvantage is that you will have to pay for your maintenance, taxes, and insurance to keep your van in good condition. Also, if you damage the van, you have the option of shopping around for the best repair price or simply leaving it to save money – though we wouldn’t recommend that because it doesn’t present a good image to your customers. Don’t forget about depreciation, as your van will lose value throughout your ownership.
  • Leasing: Leasing means to keep it for an extended period, typically 5 years. Leasing a van is an excellent option because it typically requires no money upfront and eliminates the need to worry about returning it regularly. It also allows you to customize according to the needs of your company. Engine and transmission type, temperature control, and other options are available. When you lease a vehicle, you don’t have to worry about it depreciating over time. This should be factored into the cost of your lease from the start. You won’t have to worry about maintenance costs or compliance issues with a full-service lease because the leasing company will handle these for you.

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