Which is The Best Pickup Truck in UAE? Overview!

Which is The Best Pickup Truck in UAE? Overview!

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Pickup trucks were originally designed for commercial purposes such as hauling heavy equipment. However, most brands have combined the ruggedness of these trucks with luxury and comfort, catering to off-roading adventure enthusiasts. If you are planning to buy a pickup truck in Dubai, think of the usage. If you intend to use your pickup truck for commercial purposes then you should consider a larger model with a powerful engine and large capacity. If you want a pickup truck that can serve as your luxury commute, go for a smaller one with more features and technology.

When purchasing a pickup truck in Dubai, you should consider several factors such as cargo space, towing capacity, and other features that improve the overall experience. Here are some of the best 4×4 pickups truck in UAE:

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×2 DC Pick Up – 2.7 L: Hilux is equipped with a super-intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission as well as a drive mode switch. The refined comfort and smart functionality of the cabin, which is spacious and inviting, improve the quality of life for all occupants.
  2. Mitsubishi L200: The L200 was first introduced to the world by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi in 1978. The Mitsubishi L200, also known as the Triton in some markets, is one of the most common pickup trucks in the UAE. The current fifth-generation model debuted in 2015, and it is based on the popular Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUV’s rugged underpinnings.
  3. Isuzu D-Max: Despite the fact that the Isuzu D-Max has only been in production since the early 2000s, it is already in its third generation. In comparison to the majority of its peers on this ist, the D-Max is relatively new. The Isuzu D-Max donates its platform to the MU-X SUV, despite the fact that the former is far more successful.
  4. Ford Ranger:  The Ford Ranger, which is based on the Everest SUV, is one of the best all-arounders in its class. It is currently the region’s cheapest pickup truck from the American brand. The Ford Ranger’s latest incarnation, available in Single and Double Cab versions and up to 7 different variants
  5. Nissan Navara: The Nissan Navara is one of the most successful mid-size pickup truck models, even more so in the commercial sector. In some form or another, the Navara has been around since the mid-1980s. Furthermore, this is such a well-known and tough vehicle that Mercedes-Benz used the underpinnings of the latest-generation Navara for its X-Class pickup truck.

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